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Why should you go Solar?

Aren’t you tired of running out of charge on your mobile phone halfway through the day? Constantly forgetting to charge your Bluetooth headset, iPad Mini, GPS Watch, and Fitness Tracker, and the ten other gadgets buried in your backpack? Tired of unravelling the mish-mash of charger cables under your desk? We made the Lumos unPlug Backpack for you, my friend! Go get some sun-shine, on your way to work and convert your unPlug backpack into your personal powerhouse. Energy- Capture it, save it, and use it on the go!

capture save use

unPlugged and Lovin’ It!

Read the full review of Lumos unPlug backpack by leading National Newspapers here.

“Small and lightweight;  ideal for a laptop and phones and a few papers and for my daily commute to work.”

-Sreekanth V.

“Sleek design: checked out a bunch of backpacks before I stumbled upon this one. Being eco-conscious doesn’t mean you should carry an ugly bag.”

-Pooja Srinivas

“It works very well and is useful. It charges up reasonably fast and is simple to use.”

-Jaspreet Bindra.

The media’s talking about Lumos!

“A solution that hand-set makers don’t have”

-Inc.! (India) Magazine

“Dear frequent traveller, have you tried the Lumos Backpack yet?”


“Lumos to the aid of those muggles in the real world”

-The Hindu